7 Misconceptions About Skin Allergy

Skin allergies, unlike other allergies are very different in nature. They often come without any warning or signs. Allergist says that so many patients are fooled by the misconceptions and myths about skin allergies and you should concentrate only on the facts.

Misconceptions related to skin allergies

Here’s what allergy doctors says about misconceptions and myths related to skin allergies

Only a few substances and elements can cause skin allergies

This is barely true; the list of elements, products, substance through which you can get skin allergy, is never ending. Research suggests that people react to lotions, shower gels, creams, detergents, metal (like steel, zinc, tin, silver and copper), paint etc.

Contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis

Some of you may develop swollen skin or feel itch after coming in contact with a substance (say copper or zinc) and this happens quickly, it is likely to be irritant dermatitis which is a not a type of skin allergy. However, if it happens in a matter of days after coming into contact such substance or element, it is more likely to be contact dermatitis (a skin allergy).

Most people get confused between these conditions and tend to start taking medications based on what they have heard about these allergies. This is turn makes the situation worse than before. Hives is an exclusion to this rule because it may cause irritation or itch immediately after contact.

Medication for skin allergy symptoms

Most people think like this and act accordingly. However, the situation is quite opposite for example in case of seasonal allergies. You should start taking appropriate medication after consulting your allergist before the season kicks in to guard your skin from and to strengthen your immune system against possible threat.

Creams and ointments

You might think how can medications which are supposed to treat the symptoms of skin allergies can act otherwise? This can be true. Many ointments and other active ingredients (for example Neosprin) can cause skin allergy. At first, these medications tend to make you feel good but after some time itchiness and dryness may become more difficult to handle. Medications should be handled carefully and only after you have consulted your allergy doctor.

If a substance is not a trigger, it will always remain so:

This is not true: you may be using a certain shower gel or brightening cream for years and with zero skin allergies and suddenly you start experiencing itchiness and soar or swollen skin when you come in contact with that shower gel or cream. Skin allergies may happen because of accumulative experience of a certain substance. The more you use the product, more likely it is that you get allergic to it.

Natural products are always safe to use

This is the most common misconception in today’s world. Due to their power marketing techniques, companies converge their clients towards all-natural products for example many think that essential oils like lavender or peppermint oils can’t be harmful but in fact they can cause skin allergies. Many, on the other hand, try to evade anything that has chemical substances in them which lead them towards these so-called natural products. What you are unaware of is the fact that all natural is not equal to being harmless.

Coming into contact with the trigger is necessary

This is not necessary at all. There are many occasions in which you get contact dermatitis even you are at a safe distance from the trigger. Another example includes patients that stop using make up because they are of the view that their eye lid dermatitis skin allergy is due to using eyelid makeup accessories.

Baby Products

Attractive labeling of products which suggest that these are best for babies or sensitive skin, may make you feel that these products are gentler and will not cause you any harm. This is utterly rubbish in true sense of the word.  Many adults start using this kind of product because they presume them to be safe, studies suggest otherwise.

With the passage of time, allergist or allergy doctors Centreville VA prove to their patients how these misconceptions result in increased cost and more importantly poor health or worsening of the condition. You should consult and ask as much questions as you can leaving no grey area when you are experience a skin condition or using any kind of medication.

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