How To Prevent AC Failure During Summer

There are many reasons why your AC may fail during summer. Among the reasons, one is to not hire the best AC repair companies. Below are more tips that will help you prevent AC failure this summer.

  1. Don’t Skip Annual Tune-Up

Many people make this mistake when they ignore or skip the annual tune-up of their ACs. The regular checks and repairs keep the AC in the best working conditions and prevent sudden failure issues. When you plan to tune it up, choose the reliable HVAC companies so that you get quality and affordable services.

  1. Check and Change Filters Regularly

Not checking and changing the filters is one of the main reasons why ACs stop working at the peak of summer. This issue can be prevented if the home owners hire AC repair companies, ask them to check and change the filters if there is any need. Your AC will work like a new one with a new filter.

  1. Area Around Outside Unit Should Be Clear

Experts always recommend to keep or install outdoor unit of the AC in an open area. It needs air to breath just like humans. When there are so many items or it is stuffed in a congested place, it may not breathe as it should. Open area lets it release the gas and continue working in its best form.

  1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a good option as it turns on and off the AC when there is a need. It controls the room temperature and prevents extra use of ACs.

  1. Never Close/Block Any Vents

A good number of people believe the misconception that closing or blocking some air vents is helpful and saves energy. What they ignore it how it will affect the AC and its performance. Blocking vents puts more pressure on it. Any sort of obstruction in vents will damage the AC and reduce its performance. So don’t make this mistake.

  1. Check for Any Signs of Water Leak

Water leak is a common issue at the peak of season. In summer, the unrepaired air-conditioners leak water which shows they are in a poor condition and need to be repaired. You should check the filter and make sure water is not leaking. It should be done as the hot season begins.

  1. Don’t Use It Too Excessively

The excessive use of everything is bad. So is the case with an AC. People need to understand keeping AC turned on most of the time is not a wise option. It increases your bills as well as affects its performance. Try other options of cooling your rooms when weather is moderate.

  1. Make Best Use of Fans

When temperature is normal, people should rely on fans. Windows should be kept opened in order for ventilation and avoid suffocation. Make less use of AC.

  1. Keep the Condenser Clean

Condenser may get dirt, dust and debris over time. When the season is over, people ignore their AC and start using it without repairing as the new season begins. There should be a complete inspection to keep the condenser clean and in the best condition. Hire professional HVAC companies for AC repairing and such other issues.

  1. Make Sure Windows are Not Cracked

Windows in the rooms where AC is offering cooling must be sealed. Any leakage or cracked windows will affect the cooling level. You will think the AC is not working so turn it on to the maximum. It will increase bills as well as impact the performance of your AC. Make sure the windows are fine and not cracked.

  1. Invest in Regular HVAC Maintenance

People should hire the best AC repair companies when they have to get their ACs repaired. The professional HVAC companies Herndon VA are the best option as they can provide you with quality service, charge lower than other service providers and keep your AC fit for the whole summer.

  1. Check the Insulation

When you perform regular inspection and repair works, make sure the insulation is not damaged. When the insulation is poor, it leads to temperature issues. The AC is unable to provide the required level of cooling.

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