Do Soulmates Exist?

There has been a lot of debate when it comes of whether soul exists or not and is soulmate real. We see two groups, one in favor while the second one opposes the concept. Here in this post, we will talk about both sides of the story, see which one is more logical and convincing and conclude on the basis of the arguments.

Know about soulmate concept

The first group believes soul mates do exist. According to this belief, we can become soul mates of each other. For this, we need deep and lasting love friendship over the years. These people give the examples of music, athletes and languages. We know people develop a great passion for music and their life without music is nothing. This shows us the reality of soul mates for a person who is fond of music.

The side further believes we can find our soul mates around us. There are many people who fall in love with each other just because they see soul mates in each other. This is the biggest reason behind long lasting relationships between couples. There are literally thousands of examples how people came close and developed a permanent relationship. This was possible because they became soul mates of each other.

It is not possible to stay in a relationship without deep and powerful feelings for each other. These feelings create the soul mates. However, some people part their ways with each other even after 20 or 30 thirty years. Still, they feel a thirst for each other and this is because they had become soul mates. Is soul mate real a comprehensive debate that can never be concluded with just one side. Below are few facts in this regard to prove the stance.

  • More than 74% American believe in soul mates.
  • 74% Men and 71% women believe they are destined to find their soul mates in life.
  • Around 80% people below 45 believe in soul mates.
  • There are 70% people over 45 who do believe in soul mates.

Long lasting love

The other group is one that doesn’t believe in something like soul mates. According to this group it is not possible to find a person who is your soul mate and live with them for whole of your life. They further give the example of how marriage trend is reducing in the US. The statistics prove there were more people who married in 2008-2010 and the number of couples reduced after 2010.

Many other factors might be responsible for this. The group believe you can’t find a perfect person for yourself. Like, there are billions of people and there are little chances the person also belongs to your age group. For this, you will have to travel the whole world, meet people and see if you have your soul mate anywhere.

Another reason put forward in this regard is there is nothing like soul. The group believes there are no souls. But the interesting thing is 64% American believe we have souls. Many studies in the past found out that our souls exist even after the physical death of our brain or body. A new study has rubbished all such things and it negates the idea of souls. And this group is holding onto this concept or finding.

It is believed by the second group people who believe in soul mates are unhappy. As these people look for just one person and that is the perfect. Finding such a person is almost impossible because you can’t simply find a perfect person for yourself. When people think they can’t find a perfect one for them, they tend to be unhappy.

Lastly, the group says people who quote love as a result of being soul mates are stupid as love itself is a chemical reaction. In other words, the groups believe you can fall in love with anyone just because chemicals in our body do this. For them, the soul mate is not more a myth.

We have talked about the two sides to understand the reality of soul mates. Is soul mate real, the question is answered positive as well as negative by people. But majority believes in soul mates. So we are true to believe the soul mates exist and it can be possible anywhere in the world.

Why Is Facebook The Most Popular Social Network?

Do you know how Facebook won over other social networking sites? This read will help you understand why Facebook is the best social media site and why it is so popular.

Why Facebook is the best social media

We have listed all the best reasons.

First Decent Social Platform

Probably it was the first decent social media platform. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and just celebrated 15 years since it was released. This is a reason why it still remains the most popular social site. People believe this was the first site that helped them connect with friends and loved ones. They are more comfortable on this site than any other platforms.


Facebook is really easy to use. It has been fifteen years since its launch. Most of the people using Facebook now have spent 5-10 years on this social media site. They know more about it and better than other sites. It is user-friendly, makes posts simple and easy. The newsfeed option is also attractive that brings all the stuff on your feed. Customization and optimizing security and privacy is also a lot convenient than other platforms.

New Exciting Features

This is another reason why Facebook is the best social media site. It has been through a lot of changes. Facebook of today is way better than that of five years ago. The reason is Facebook team updates features, add new things, and makes the site interesting for the users. This is something we call creativity. The creativity aims at increasing addiction among the users of Facebook.

Unique Interface

Facebook uses blue and white colors because the Facebook founder is really bad at recognizing other colors. And this thing makes its interface really simple and unique. Other social sites have somehow complex designs and interfaces that make things harder for the users. People are not convenient with Facebook interface and are not willing to leave it.

Diversity in Users

This is another reason why Facebook won over other social networking sites. More than 50% world population uses Facebook. This shows there are billions of users. They belong to all the countries and this is what we call diversity. People from same locations, regions and with the same interests love to connect with each other on this site.


Just one year ago, Facebook was providing huge traffic to the publishers and news outlets. They were making money and Facebook was also earning from all this. What compelled the publishers to share news on Facebook? That was the huge traffic. There are pages with millions of followers that let publishers divert them on their sites, increase traffic and make huge revenues. This is really hard when it comes to Google.

Pages and Groups

Anyone can create a Facebook page or group. You have options to add your friends, colleagues and others. Within groups, you can share material, news, links, documents, chat and do many other things. Similarly, pages allow business companies and brands to connect with customers. Facebook is considered the best platform if you have to get customer feedback and improve your services.

Facebook Messenger

I am sure you will be using Messenger. You know how simple and user-friendly the messaging app is. A lot of people have business groups on Messenger. They can communicate, send files, share photos, make audio and video calls and enjoy other stuff. Messenger makes conversation really easy. WhatsApp and Messenger have taken communication to great height and this is the reason they are ruling over instant messengers.

Games and some more Games

Many people love Facebook just because it allows them to play online games. Most of the games on Facebook are available on Play and App Store. But users don’t want to download them. They can enjoy these games on Facebook whenever they are free. This is literally one of the amazing reasons why Facebook is the best social media platform.

The Meme Stuff

Nowadays, Facebook is all about memes and visual content. The meme trend on Facebook is just matchless. You will not see this thing on any other social site. Even viral content sites get content ideas and inspirations from Facebook meme. They directly get amazing stories and content to keep their sites running.

Is Donald Trump the Right President for the US ECONOMY?

Latest trump polls clearly indicate that Donald Trump may not be the most appropriate incumbent of the White House, and there are several reasons for it. The latest presidential polls have clearly indicated that Donald Trump can make the US economy to perform sluggishly. As the top notch Republican frontrunner Donald Trump made its triumphant win in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, many in the US are not seeing him as the potentially successful candidate, who can bring the US Economy back to the performing levels.

Trump made himself as one of the money magnates, and with assets settled at approximately $4.5 billion, he shows his mettle, but the latest presidential polls showcase altogether a different outlook. He has been a poker champion, but this champion offers a completely bleak assessment of the economy. Moreover, he has not made any competitive points that could improve the US economy and take it to the high levels of performance.

Trump has Expensive Immigration Plan

Many out there in the congress and the government have started to feel that the projected Immigration Policies of Trump will prove expensive to US Economy over a period of time. When Trump enforces the current immigration law, it is going to cost the economy a whopping from $400 billion to $600 billion, and the labor force will get reduced by approximately $11 million. Such an action will deliberately affect every individual in the US, and the scenarios itself looks horrifying. In fact, the implications of Immigration Law will be strongly felt on the supply as well as the demand.

While the preparations for the presidential polls are almost over, the decision on who is going to make to the oval office is still not becoming clear. Trump has its own political ideologies and manifestos, and much of these ideologies and manifestos will not make up.

What does the Latest Trump Polls Point?

The most updated opinions garnered as the result of  latest Trump Polls indicate that the chances of Trump winning to Oval Office remains bleak, and even if he makes to the office, he will still not have a clean chit from the congress. The base message in majority of Trump’s campaigns clearly suggests – “everything he is doing aims at garnering the votes, and nothing actually looks serious.” This rich contestant for the White House, has several fancied ideas, and moreover, presents a cool lofty rhetoric. It becomes too difficult to interpret his economic policies.

9 Tips For Men During Divorce Case

Following tips may be helpful for men during their divorce cases according to divorce lawyers.

How to deal with divorce case

  1. Think Again

When the couple decides to part their ways with, it is suggested men should think about better solutions. There will definitely be some tensions between the two that lead to divorce. However, as times passes you will realize there should be better options than getting a divorce. It will solve most of the problems. So take your time, think about it and reach a decision that better suits you.

  1. Consult with Family Lawyers

Almost everyone has a family lawyer for their cases and legal matters. They can even guide you better than divorce lawyers. You should ask them and share the situation. They have experience of dealing with legal matters as well as divorce cases and they can better guide you. If you find their suggestions practical, based on their experience, you can go with them.

  1. Choose Your Lawyer

It should be noted a divorce lawyer who is really experienced and capable of dealing with such delicate matters is hard to find. However, you should be careful while choosing a lawyer. Most of the time such lawyers want to drag a case in order to make more money. Moreover, they will not wish you to solve the case without a divorce because they may end up getting the least in such a case.

  1. Maintain Communication

A family lawyer and even the experts suggest that men should not lose hope. They should understand who is at fault and try to find out solutions better than a divorce. However, if they have decided they should keep communicating. Men should ask for some time from their wives but keep talking to them. This may solve the issue and you may resolve the problems without actually getting divorced.

  1. Think About Kids

There is no denying that anyone’s kids are the hardest fit in a divorce case. In many cases, couple don’t go for divorce because they don’t want their kids to face hardships and see parents part their ways with. This really affects the children and how they will grow up will remain a mystery. So think about the kids and decide who can better take care of them. But if you are not living with your kids, you should meet them every week or month and spend some time with them.

  1. Avoid Negative Comments

A man should be brave and not act like an idiot. When you get a divorce, it hurts your feelings. But that doesn’t mean you should talk bad about your wife. Behave like a man and treat your wife in order to set examples for your children. This will also make your wife respect you even if you get divorced. Never talk bad about your wife when you are with friends or family members.

  1. Move Valuables

Many people might think this to be a bad idea. No one wants that they return from office and their valuables are missing. You are not hiding them from your wife either. But there can be any eventuality. Anyone close or working in your house may learn about the tensions and steal things to create more problems between the couples. So valuables should be kept in a safe place where they are not accessible to anyone but you.

  1. Settle Financial Matters

There are some financial matters as well when it comes to a divorce. You can get help of your family lawyer or divorce lawyer for such matters. Sit with your wife and discuss the matters. If you reach any conclusion, it will be better to solve these cases without anyone’s help. Otherwise a lawyer can better help you deal with financial matters.

  1. Child Support System

During all this, the most important thing is the support and financial aid for your children. They deserve to live and eat better. They have their expenses of education, food, living and clothes. You should decide this matter with your wife before the divorce is finalized so that children are not left out in all this. If you fail to reach agreement regarding kids, this can affect them and have seriously bad effects on them, their education, health and overall well-being. So, have a good family lawyer Fairfax at your side for that.

How To Know If You Have A Sleep Disorder

When you wake up after a full night of sleep, and you still feel tired and agitated then there must be something wrong. According to sleep disorder clinic, there is a possibility that you are suffering from a sleep disorder. Here’s everything you might want to know about sleep disorders.

How Many Types of Sleep Disorders Are There?

There are over 70 sleep known sleep disorders, but the most commons ones, as per Sleep center are:

  1. Sleep apnea
  2. Insomnia
  3. REM
  4. Narcolepsy

The above five are the most common sleep disorders, in fact, 18 million Americans alone are suffering from sleep apnea. There are times when we are suffering from these disorders but we never get properly diagnosed with them. Sleep centers are very common now, they have all the answers you need about every disorder, they offer therapies, both physical and medicinal to help you treat your sleep disorder.  This can be our ignorance or lack of knowledge. To get diagnosed with a disease you will need to know the symptoms first.

What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Disorders?

Every disorder has different indications, but sometimes they do overlap each other. This is why, after listing down your symptoms you will need to get properly checked and officially diagnosed at the Sleep disorder clinic in order to start treatment right away.

time. This leaves the person tired and irritated during the day.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia is when you have difficulty in sleeping or staying asleep for decent hours. Ill-advisedly, every other individual suspect that he or she is suffering from insomnia. This is way sleep centers only diagnose you with insomnia if you have had difficulty in sleep or 3 months at most. The common indications of insomnia are:

  • Waking up unrested after sleeping
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • lack of energy throughout the day
  • Lack of concentrating
  • irritability, aggression, and impulsive behaviors
  • Vagueness or absentmindness
  • Losing interest in personal and professional relationships
  • Accidents due to fatigue
  • Depression

These are the major indications that you might be suffering from insomnia. There are two types, occasional insomnia, like its name it happens occasionally and for a short period of time and chronic, which stays for as long as a month at the very least and its reoccurring. Sleep centers offer treatments and diagnose for insomnia of any kind, consult a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Symptoms of REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

With REM You brain has no control over the movement and vocals of your body, hence involuntary movements and screaming happens while you are sleeping.  The common symptoms of REM are:

  • Involuntary actions, like kicking, punching the air or leaping from the bed, while you sleep. These can happen either in response to violent dreams, or feelings such as being attacked in the sleep.
  • Involuntary Sounds, like chatting, chuckling, yelling or screaming or even abusing in your sleep.
  • The ability to recall the horrifying nightmare after waking up.


With narcolepsy, you have no control over your sleep, which means you will sleep, when-ever and whenever. You can be doing any activity like swimming, driving or just talking to someone and you will sleep. Just like that, no indication or warning.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS). Since the whole problem of narcolepsy is that you can sleep at any second, during day time, excessive sleeping becomes major symptom of narcolepsy. These sleep attacks can last up to a minute. It’s a chronic problem which makes you doze off without any warning

  1. Sleep paralysis: When you brain is active but your muscles are still sleeping. This is a very common symptom of narcolepsy.
  2. Cataplexy: it is pretty similar to sleep paralysis, when your muscles lose control and you can’t move them at all. Drastic emotions like fear, laughter, anger are the triggers of Cataplexy.
  3. Hallucinations: These can occur while you are sleeping, or waking up or dozing off. This, too, is a red flag for diagnosing narcolepsy according to sleep centers MD.
  4. Restless night time sleep: Because one sleeps so much in the day time, he or sleep will not be able to sleep at night

Some important tips one has to understood before hiring tree services

Tree care means the application of methods like pruning, trimming, thinning, felling etc in a scientific and practical manner in environments like backyard, road verge, built in environments, woody vegetation etc.  It is better to avoid DIY policy in tree care activities like tree felling, stump removal, tree removal etc. Such works have to be entrusted to professionals who have great experience and expertise in the matter. Locating good tree services in the neighbourhood is a difficult task. It is more difficult and therefore special care has to be given  when you are planning to carry out tree felling or similar activities.

Landscapes, urban forestry, architecture etc require high standards of tree care. Tree care activities like felling in closed premises poses serious threats to the security of the inhabitants and therefore special care has to be taken under such circumstances.  Tree limbing is not an easy task and therefore rushing has to be avoided at any cost.

Requirements of tree services

A handyman driving around with chainsaw in a pickup van crying out sales pitches is not the man required for such serious works. It should be the first concern to see that the company you are hiring out for carrying out your tree services is protected by valid and adequate insurance coverage. It will be good if you can check that the insurance said to be covered by the company or agency and make sure that they will be valid on the date of the proposed tree services.

Do not engage tree services who are requesting advance payment or who are eager to start work without giving any cost estimate. Work like tree services can be started only after getting a detailed written agreement regarding the work to be carried out and how it is going to be done and how much will be the total cost involved. If tree limbing service is to be done where appearance and preservation are needed,  insist on climbing the tree using ropes or through an aerial lift. Do not allow them to use any spikes or similar methods for climbing on the tree as it can damage the cambium of the tree.

Another thing which has to be taken care of is to ascertain whether the tree services are prepared to face and take appropriate action in case a mishap occurs in between. Similarly tree services engaged in removing the limbs positioned over telephone wires should be knowledgeable and having personals who can splice together the damaged wires. Experienced and skilled tree fellers will be able to control the fall of the limbs without touching the wires or causing any damages or hurts.

Hiring tree company

Before hiring a tree services one should also decide how far the work has to be done by the company? Is it necessary to just limb the tree or do you want the entire tree to be cut and removed. In the latter case one has to decide whether grinding the stump is needed or not or are you ready to remove the stump yourself slowly after the tree service has completed their job and left. if you are under tight budget, these works can cost extra money and this fact also becomes prominent when your decision to hire a tree felling company is taken. The tree felling charges widely vary depending upon the place where it is to be carried out. On an average one can approximately expect anything around $ 1,500 for felling and removing a large tree from the property owned by you. Similarly the typical cost for limbing operation can be anywhere near to $ 500.

Reference by word of mouth

There is nothing wrong in asking something about something which you want to know for sure. Strike conversations with your friends or relatives regarding the good tree services they have come across during the past few years. People who have earlier had the opportunity to come into contact with good tree services will be the best persons to tell their opinion about such services. If you happen to get some good advice in this way do not neglect it. Give to due consideration and subject such tree services chevy chase to the above mentions sc rutiny and this will definitely help one to find the best one among them.

7 Misconceptions About Skin Allergy

Skin allergies, unlike other allergies are very different in nature. They often come without any warning or signs. Allergist says that so many patients are fooled by the misconceptions and myths about skin allergies and you should concentrate only on the facts.

Misconceptions related to skin allergies

Here’s what allergy doctors says about misconceptions and myths related to skin allergies

Only a few substances and elements can cause skin allergies

This is barely true; the list of elements, products, substance through which you can get skin allergy, is never ending. Research suggests that people react to lotions, shower gels, creams, detergents, metal (like steel, zinc, tin, silver and copper), paint etc.

Contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis

Some of you may develop swollen skin or feel itch after coming in contact with a substance (say copper or zinc) and this happens quickly, it is likely to be irritant dermatitis which is a not a type of skin allergy. However, if it happens in a matter of days after coming into contact such substance or element, it is more likely to be contact dermatitis (a skin allergy).

Most people get confused between these conditions and tend to start taking medications based on what they have heard about these allergies. This is turn makes the situation worse than before. Hives is an exclusion to this rule because it may cause irritation or itch immediately after contact.

Medication for skin allergy symptoms

Most people think like this and act accordingly. However, the situation is quite opposite for example in case of seasonal allergies. You should start taking appropriate medication after consulting your allergist before the season kicks in to guard your skin from and to strengthen your immune system against possible threat.

Creams and ointments

You might think how can medications which are supposed to treat the symptoms of skin allergies can act otherwise? This can be true. Many ointments and other active ingredients (for example Neosprin) can cause skin allergy. At first, these medications tend to make you feel good but after some time itchiness and dryness may become more difficult to handle. Medications should be handled carefully and only after you have consulted your allergy doctor.

If a substance is not a trigger, it will always remain so:

This is not true: you may be using a certain shower gel or brightening cream for years and with zero skin allergies and suddenly you start experiencing itchiness and soar or swollen skin when you come in contact with that shower gel or cream. Skin allergies may happen because of accumulative experience of a certain substance. The more you use the product, more likely it is that you get allergic to it.

Natural products are always safe to use

This is the most common misconception in today’s world. Due to their power marketing techniques, companies converge their clients towards all-natural products for example many think that essential oils like lavender or peppermint oils can’t be harmful but in fact they can cause skin allergies. Many, on the other hand, try to evade anything that has chemical substances in them which lead them towards these so-called natural products. What you are unaware of is the fact that all natural is not equal to being harmless.

Coming into contact with the trigger is necessary

This is not necessary at all. There are many occasions in which you get contact dermatitis even you are at a safe distance from the trigger. Another example includes patients that stop using make up because they are of the view that their eye lid dermatitis skin allergy is due to using eyelid makeup accessories.

Baby Products

Attractive labeling of products which suggest that these are best for babies or sensitive skin, may make you feel that these products are gentler and will not cause you any harm. This is utterly rubbish in true sense of the word.  Many adults start using this kind of product because they presume them to be safe, studies suggest otherwise.

With the passage of time, allergist or allergy doctors Centreville VA prove to their patients how these misconceptions result in increased cost and more importantly poor health or worsening of the condition. You should consult and ask as much questions as you can leaving no grey area when you are experience a skin condition or using any kind of medication.

How To Treat Back Pain Without Surgery

Almost 75% of individuals report severe back pain to orthopedic doctors at some point during their lives. Luckily, most of them treat their back pain without undergoing a surgery. So how can you treat back pain without enduring surgical treatment options?

Back Pain Without Surgery

Let’s find out!


This is true. Imbalanced diet is one of the factors that can cause you severe back pain. There are a few diets that are highly inflammable. This includes diets which are high in trans-fat, processed foods, and refined sugars. It is better to consult your back-pain specialist to get a recommended diet plan. Also, try to maintain healthy body weight as it reduces the unnecessary pressure on your spine and helps lessen the back pain.

Physical Therapy

There are several physical therapy techniques like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, chiropractic manipulation, traction mobilization that can provide instant back pain relief. Your physical therapist can advise and provide education regarding different strategies for resuming activities, restoring motion and preventing de-conditioning.

There are many studies that show that an early treatment by your physical therapist is always effective to give long-term results. However, the time and length of physical therapy totally depend on the severity of your condition. A good may include retraining your posture, core strengthening or aerobic exercises.

Injection-Based Treatments

Nerve blocks, acupuncture injection therapy, epidural injections, cortisone injections or nerve ablations are some of the types of injection-based treatments which work great to treat chronic back pain. Many orthopedic doctors use these procedures when the source of back pain is known.

Injection based treatments are great to lessen or stop back pain for a particular period of time but they are not recommended as long-term solutions and must not be used in total isolation. In addition to this, spinal injections are also typically used for recurrent or persistent low back pain (sometimes acute pain) following a complete medical evaluation. Sometimes, these injections based treatments may also treat your back pain possibly even permanently.

Lifestyle Modifications

When you suffer from chronic back pain, it is imperative to accept your adapt and limitations. The back pain specialist suggests learning to pace yourself and listen to your body needs. For instance, take a few minutes break while mowing the lawn, or make multiple trips to carry groceries. It is important for you to take note of all those activities or movements that worsen the back pain and try to avoid them whenever possible.

If you make a few small modifications in your lifestyle, this will not only help to prevent infuriation of underlying back pain condition but also to make your back feel better. Another major lifestyle modification is to quit or give up health concerning practices like nicotine or smoking. Both of them are scientifically known to delay healing and accentuate pain.


This may seem counterintuitive but as per the back pain specialists, always continue to remain active and perform daily activities as much as you can actually tolerate. However, this does not mean straining your back forcefully. According to some studies, people who stay active and don’t confine themselves to beds typically have less pain.

This is because activity helps blood and nutrients to properly flow to the affected area. For the same reason, people with severe back pain feel better after taking a short walk. But contact sports or more vigorous activities are inadvisable in case of severe pain. The best way is to make some straitening exercises a part of your daily morning routine.

Tai Chi

It is an ancient Chinese practice of meditative movements that are practiced as normal exercises. It is a gentle form of exercise and an effective procedure to treat back pain. The flowing movement matches with the gentle, deep breath (inhalation or exhalation). This coordination of breath and movement is said to free your flow of chi i.e. a life-force energy which, if blocked, may cause illness and stress.

Conclusively, if you follow these practices frequently you are more likely to be able to start your everyday activities without treating your back pain with a surgery. Indeed, it is advisable to consult an orthopedic specialist Mclean, VA before getting involved with severe work out regime or changing your diet completely.

Important information one should know before obtaining finance for purchasing a car?

Most car buyers use all their efforts to find out the most suitable car that can satisfy their aspirations and requirements. Finding a good car finance is also a crucial matter when one plans to buy a car.   Understanding your budget and the amount you can arrange as car loan will help one to make his search for the car in the correct direction. Getting a bad finance can lead to financial mess and spoil your credit history. Often it is a habit of car buyers not to think about good car finance options until they step into the car dealer’s office.   When one ends up with dealer for finance options, most often it happens that dealers are not interested to give you any offers.  In this article I am going to furnish everything one needs to know about car finance before one proceeds to car dealerships for purchasing cars.

Car loan explained

What is car loan:  Car loan is an agreement between the financier and the buyer of the car. As per the agreement financer agrees to give a loan for purchasing a car for the buyer under the condition that the loan will be repaid in equal monthly installments as agreed upon mutually and the company will be charging a fixed percentage of the loan amount as interest.

Interest: Interest is the amount the lender gets for his money which is given as loan to the borrower.   It is usually expressed as interest rate per annum. For the last many years auto loan interest has been very low and now it has started coming up. The amount of the loan, the period of repayment, the type of vehicle, your credit score etc can considerably affect the rate of interest of car loans.   Longer loans are not supported by most lenders as risk factor increases as the period of loan extends. 60 months period of repayment is the most common period for car loans.

Loan repayment details

Principal: Balance of the loan amount to be repaid is considered as the principal. When a loan is initially given principal will be the total loan amount.  As the payment proceeds the amount under principal will start decreasing. One portion of the installment paid will go to towards interest and the balance only will go towards the principal.

Down payment: Down payment is the amount the buyer of a car pays initially from his savings for buying the car.  The price of the car minus the initial payment the buyer is paying will give the amount which the financier has to give as car loan for buying the car. For example if a car is priced $40,000 and the buyer has paid $10,000 initially the car finance needed will be $30,000 only.

Monthly payment: Every buyer of a car with car finance will have to pay back the loan amount in equal monthly installment.  Every monthly installment will include two amounts. The first amount will be the interest till that date and the second amount will be the monthly installment towards the loan repayment. Finding the monthly loan repayment is a difficult process that includes some mathematical calculations. But each bank will be having their car payment calculator with which one can easily find out the emi by just putting some figures like loan amount, type of loan, period of repayment etc. into it.

Importance of credit score

Credit scores represent the person’s credit details and acts as an easy tool to understand the credit worthiness of a person.  These scores are based on credit information received from credit bureaus. These reports are used by money lending institutions to understand the potential risk factors involved while lending loan to its customers.

Why your credit-score matters?

There are many credit-reporting companies and each of them has some special method of reporting the credit worthiness.  Most of these companies use scores ranging from 300 to 850. Different scores on different models are not directly comparable. It will be very easy for a person with high credit score to get car loans quickly than a person with a low credit score. Usually a person with steady income and good credit score will not find any difficulty in getting a car loan.

Which are the most important tourist destinations in this world?

There has been a considerable increase in the global tourist outflow during the year 2018 as seen from the statistics for the above period. The growth in the number of tourists was 6.8 % and the total number of tourists during this year was a whooping 1.32 billion.  This figure is 84 million higher than that of the previous year. This is positive news for the top tourist destinations around the world as they were fearing recession as a result of security challenges posed by natural disasters which occurred during the year 2018.

The increase in outbound tourist demand from Brazil, Russian Federation etc and the inbound growth of India as a tourist destination are some of the reasons that contributed to the tremendous growth of tourism in the international sector. The statistics for the year 2018 so far, shows that the growth of international tourists is still increasing in the present year also.  It shows that there has been an increase of 6 % tourists during the period from January 2018 to March 2018 compared to the same periods for the previous year. Let us consider the first three countries which became the forerunners in this regard.

France: France has achieved an impeccable position among the popular tourist countries by attracting 86.9 million tourists in the year 2017 which is 8.1 million above its nearest rival Spain. Why France is so popular among tourists? Let us examine the matter briefly. The first and the most important attraction of France is its natural beauty. No country in this world can rival France in this regard. The French Riviera coastline, Loire Valley fields,  the snow covered Alps etc  are never ending fascination of the tourists of all ages as well as all countries. If you can snap some of these sceneries with your mobile camera, no doubt your followers on Instagram will become green with envy.

France is a country which has numerous stories of the rise and fall of empires and republics and bloody revolutions which are etched to the fabric of the country. The multitude of castles and the perfectly manicured gardens coupled with the sublime architecture from villages to capital etc. always keep France as the most fascinating country to the travel enthusiasts. Everybody accepts French cuisine as one of the best on earth. Paris, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of the world and the Eiffel Tower one of  the seven wonders of the world are other important things that attract tourists to this country of fashions and varied cultures.

Spain: Spain is the country which boasts second position with regards to the number of tourists that visited a country during the year 2017. This country is famous for the image of its crowded beaches or the enjoying of the bullfight sipping sangria. It is famous for its cultural attractions including ancient monuments of the Romans, the castles in the interiors which were built during the medieval era, vibrant cities named Barcelona and Madrid. The diverse nature of the landscape like evergreen estuaries belonging to  Galicia, the deserts of Almeria, mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada, and the glittering beaches along the costs etc are very much liked by the tourists who visits the country of  Spain.

The Royal palace situated at Madrid which is the official residence occupied by the king of Spain, the vibrant event of running in front of bulls that are let free, La Concha  beach which is considered as one of the best beaches of  Europe, Aqueduct of Segovia, Cuenca which is a marvellous remains of  a medieval city, the Sagrada Familia, a big church in Barcelona, Alhambra, which is partly forest, partly garden and partly palace and situated near the city of Granada on a plateau etc are some of the most prominent tourist attractions in the area.

United States of America: USA occupies the third position among the most visited tourist centres Over 76 million people visiting that country during the year 2017.  Last year 29.5 million tourists visited Las Vegas Strip, followed by grand central terminal in the New York which was visited by 21. 6 million  tourists. Third and fourth positions in this regard are occupied by magic kingdom of Disney Word followed by   Disney Land Resort with 17.1 and 16.1 million visitors during that year.