7 Things Your Doctors Wants You To Know About Weight Loss

Doctors for weight loss in the hospitals got patients every day who want to get rid of their obesity or extra pounds. These doctors wish that their patients and everyone else knew the following things about weight loss;

Excessive Eating of Nutritious Food is Unhealthy

Many people have the misconception that if the food is nutritious enough, eat it as much as you can. But the truth is that excessiveness of everything leads to damage. That’s is why the limit is extremely important and you should never eat beyond your diet limit even if the food is healthier enough.

Weight Gaining Side Effects of Medicines

There are many medications that have a side effect of gaining weight on your body which needs to be controlled. Some medicines are taken by chronic patients for conditions like; depressions, hypertension or diabetes are usually weight positive which means they increase your weight. Make sure you visit the medical center for weight loss and talk to your doctor for weight loss about prescribing you some weight negative medications so that you stay in shape and fit.

Reaching the Weight You Wanted Isn’t the End

Once you get enough motivation to start working out in order to lose your calories, you would require some extra energy because you won’t be habitual of doing exercise at all. However, reaching your desired weight isn’t everything, you would have to continue your workout because once you leave your workout then your body would start to gain weight again. Your doctor for weight loss would also recommend you to work out at a constant pace regularly.

Alcohol Makes It Harder To Lose Weight

Alcohol literally interrupts your fat metabolism and prevents your weight loss. You can visit doctors at a medical center for weight loss for consultation and they would tell you the same thing that if you really want to lose your weight then it is extremely important to skip alcohol consumption because alcohol is rich is added carbs and calories which wouldn’t let you lose weight even if you have changed your diet and working out. There are many non-alcoholic and healthy drinks out there which you can grab for yourself and enjoy.

Getting Enough Sleep Plays an Important Role

If you don’t have proper sleeping patterns then you need to work on it. It is extremely important to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night if you want to stay fresh and healthy. Sleeping lesser than 7 hours interrupts your impulse control and boosting up your hunger pangs which makes you grab a pack of snacks to full your stomach.  An interruption in impulse control also prevents you from sticking to your healthy diet and making you eat more than your normal consumption amount. Lack of sleep also intensifies cortisol which is another reason for feeling emptiness in the stomach.

A Healthy Diet Should Be the Top Priority

Exercising is not only the key to lose weight but maintaining a proper and healthy diet is very essential too. Visit a doctor for weight loss and ask him about the healthy diet. He would make a diet plan for you according to your likes and dislikes so that you could happily stick to your new and healthy diet plan. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave exercising, diet and exercise go hand in hand and both are extremely important to maintain a proper figure and burning unnecessary calories. If you incorporate diet and exercise in your daily life then you might notice a drastic change within yourself.

Diet Soda Should Be Avoided As Well

You might drink diet soda instead of sweetened soda with an excuse that you are cutting off sweet from your diet. Doctors for weight loss also say that diet soda isn’t good for your health too. Diet drinks make you feel hungrier and hence make you eat more. Researches have shown that there is a relation between diet soda drinks and obesity. But this doesn’t mean that you can drink regular soda as an excuse because that is even worse for you. Drink plain water instead and replace it will all the beverages you consume.

Aforementioned are the things that a doctor for weight loss would want everyone to know. You can also visit medical centers for weight loss for consultations and educate yourself about these common things that everyone should be aware of.

Causes and diagnosis for urinary tract infections

Microbes like bacteria which overcome the defense system of body in the urinary tract are the cause of infections in the urinary tract. This is a very common condition which account for 9 million visits to doctors per year in the US alone. Urinary tract consists of bladder, ureters, and urethra. Urethra opens in the end of the pennies in men and at the front side of the vagina in women.

Causes of urinary tract infections

Bacteria Escherichia coli is the bacteria responsible for the majority of the UTI infections noticed so far. Other bacteria like Mycoplasma and  Chiamydia are the cause of infection in the urethra. But they are not found in the infections in the bladder.

Risk factors

The risk factors which can increase the vulnerability to UTI are listed below.

  • Sexual intercourse with multiple partners with increased frequency and intensity
  • Problems in emptying the bladder completely
  • Diabetes
  • Poor hygiene
  • Use of urinary catheter
  • Bowel problems
  • Blockage to the flow or urine
  • Use of contraceptives
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney stones
  • Procedure involving UT
  • Menopause
  • Continued immobility
  • Continued use of antibiotics


Doctors’ diagnosis the presence of this disease by asking about the symptoms and conducting urine tests to assess the blood cells and bacteria in it.  Clean catch is a method used for collecting urine for this purpose. The genitals are washed cleanly to avoid the possibility of getting bacteria during urine collection. The patient is then asked to urinate and during the mid-stream about 30-60 ml of urine is collected in a clean bottle. This makes it possible to collect the urine without bacteria from the surroundings get mixed up with the sample urine taken.  In cases of persons who experience recurrent UTI’s your doctor may ask you to undergo some other tests which are described below to ascertain the existence of anatomical or functional issues.

Diagnostic imaging: Imaging techniques like ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays, radiation tracking etc is widely used by physicians to see the images and understand them. This will help them to determine the reasons for the anomalies experienced by the patients.

Urodynamics: Urodynamics is a study in which the bladder and urethra are assessed and determined whether they are doing their duties of storing the urine and releasing them when needed. This test will be able to explain the reasons for frequent urination and incontinence.

Cystoscopy is a procedure in which urethra and bladder are examined with a help of a long thin tube which is inserted through the vagina of the patient. With the help of the light and camera at the end of the tube the examiner is able to examine the internal parts and study the existence of cysts if any.

How To Know If You Have A Sleep Disorder

When you wake up after a full night of sleep, and you still feel tired and agitated then there must be something wrong. According to sleep disorder clinic, there is a possibility that you are suffering from a sleep disorder. Here’s everything you might want to know about sleep disorders.

How Many Types of Sleep Disorders Are There?

There are over 70 sleep known sleep disorders, but the most commons ones, as per Sleep center are:

  1. Sleep apnea
  2. Insomnia
  3. REM
  4. Narcolepsy

The above five are the most common sleep disorders, in fact, 18 million Americans alone are suffering from sleep apnea. There are times when we are suffering from these disorders but we never get properly diagnosed with them. Sleep centers are very common now, they have all the answers you need about every disorder, they offer therapies, both physical and medicinal to help you treat your sleep disorder.  This can be our ignorance or lack of knowledge. To get diagnosed with a disease you will need to know the symptoms first.

What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Disorders?

Every disorder has different indications, but sometimes they do overlap each other. This is why, after listing down your symptoms you will need to get properly checked and officially diagnosed at the Sleep disorder clinic in order to start treatment right away.

time. This leaves the person tired and irritated during the day.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia is when you have difficulty in sleeping or staying asleep for decent hours. Ill-advisedly, every other individual suspect that he or she is suffering from insomnia. This is way sleep centers only diagnose you with insomnia if you have had difficulty in sleep or 3 months at most. The common indications of insomnia are:

  • Waking up unrested after sleeping
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • lack of energy throughout the day
  • Lack of concentrating
  • irritability, aggression, and impulsive behaviors
  • Vagueness or absentmindness
  • Losing interest in personal and professional relationships
  • Accidents due to fatigue
  • Depression

These are the major indications that you might be suffering from insomnia. There are two types, occasional insomnia, like its name it happens occasionally and for a short period of time and chronic, which stays for as long as a month at the very least and its reoccurring. Sleep centers offer treatments and diagnose for insomnia of any kind, consult a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Symptoms of REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

With REM You brain has no control over the movement and vocals of your body, hence involuntary movements and screaming happens while you are sleeping.  The common symptoms of REM are:

  • Involuntary actions, like kicking, punching the air or leaping from the bed, while you sleep. These can happen either in response to violent dreams, or feelings such as being attacked in the sleep.
  • Involuntary Sounds, like chatting, chuckling, yelling or screaming or even abusing in your sleep.
  • The ability to recall the horrifying nightmare after waking up.


With narcolepsy, you have no control over your sleep, which means you will sleep, when-ever and whenever. You can be doing any activity like swimming, driving or just talking to someone and you will sleep. Just like that, no indication or warning.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS). Since the whole problem of narcolepsy is that you can sleep at any second, during day time, excessive sleeping becomes major symptom of narcolepsy. These sleep attacks can last up to a minute. It’s a chronic problem which makes you doze off without any warning

  1. Sleep paralysis: When you brain is active but your muscles are still sleeping. This is a very common symptom of narcolepsy.
  2. Cataplexy: it is pretty similar to sleep paralysis, when your muscles lose control and you can’t move them at all. Drastic emotions like fear, laughter, anger are the triggers of Cataplexy.
  3. Hallucinations: These can occur while you are sleeping, or waking up or dozing off. This, too, is a red flag for diagnosing narcolepsy according to sleep centers MD.
  4. Restless night time sleep: Because one sleeps so much in the day time, he or sleep will not be able to sleep at night

7 Misconceptions About Skin Allergy

Skin allergies, unlike other allergies are very different in nature. They often come without any warning or signs. Allergist says that so many patients are fooled by the misconceptions and myths about skin allergies and you should concentrate only on the facts.

Misconceptions related to skin allergies

Here’s what allergy doctors says about misconceptions and myths related to skin allergies

Only a few substances and elements can cause skin allergies

This is barely true; the list of elements, products, substance through which you can get skin allergy, is never ending. Research suggests that people react to lotions, shower gels, creams, detergents, metal (like steel, zinc, tin, silver and copper), paint etc.

Contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis

Some of you may develop swollen skin or feel itch after coming in contact with a substance (say copper or zinc) and this happens quickly, it is likely to be irritant dermatitis which is a not a type of skin allergy. However, if it happens in a matter of days after coming into contact such substance or element, it is more likely to be contact dermatitis (a skin allergy).

Most people get confused between these conditions and tend to start taking medications based on what they have heard about these allergies. This is turn makes the situation worse than before. Hives is an exclusion to this rule because it may cause irritation or itch immediately after contact.

Medication for skin allergy symptoms

Most people think like this and act accordingly. However, the situation is quite opposite for example in case of seasonal allergies. You should start taking appropriate medication after consulting your allergist before the season kicks in to guard your skin from and to strengthen your immune system against possible threat.

Creams and ointments

You might think how can medications which are supposed to treat the symptoms of skin allergies can act otherwise? This can be true. Many ointments and other active ingredients (for example Neosprin) can cause skin allergy. At first, these medications tend to make you feel good but after some time itchiness and dryness may become more difficult to handle. Medications should be handled carefully and only after you have consulted your allergy doctor.

If a substance is not a trigger, it will always remain so:

This is not true: you may be using a certain shower gel or brightening cream for years and with zero skin allergies and suddenly you start experiencing itchiness and soar or swollen skin when you come in contact with that shower gel or cream. Skin allergies may happen because of accumulative experience of a certain substance. The more you use the product, more likely it is that you get allergic to it.

Natural products are always safe to use

This is the most common misconception in today’s world. Due to their power marketing techniques, companies converge their clients towards all-natural products for example many think that essential oils like lavender or peppermint oils can’t be harmful but in fact they can cause skin allergies. Many, on the other hand, try to evade anything that has chemical substances in them which lead them towards these so-called natural products. What you are unaware of is the fact that all natural is not equal to being harmless.

Coming into contact with the trigger is necessary

This is not necessary at all. There are many occasions in which you get contact dermatitis even you are at a safe distance from the trigger. Another example includes patients that stop using make up because they are of the view that their eye lid dermatitis skin allergy is due to using eyelid makeup accessories.

Baby Products

Attractive labeling of products which suggest that these are best for babies or sensitive skin, may make you feel that these products are gentler and will not cause you any harm. This is utterly rubbish in true sense of the word.  Many adults start using this kind of product because they presume them to be safe, studies suggest otherwise.

With the passage of time, allergist or allergy doctors Centreville VA prove to their patients how these misconceptions result in increased cost and more importantly poor health or worsening of the condition. You should consult and ask as much questions as you can leaving no grey area when you are experience a skin condition or using any kind of medication.

How To Treat Back Pain Without Surgery

Almost 75% of individuals report severe back pain to orthopedic doctors at some point during their lives. Luckily, most of them treat their back pain without undergoing a surgery. So how can you treat back pain without enduring surgical treatment options?

Back Pain Without Surgery

Let’s find out!


This is true. Imbalanced diet is one of the factors that can cause you severe back pain. There are a few diets that are highly inflammable. This includes diets which are high in trans-fat, processed foods, and refined sugars. It is better to consult your back-pain specialist to get a recommended diet plan. Also, try to maintain healthy body weight as it reduces the unnecessary pressure on your spine and helps lessen the back pain.

Physical Therapy

There are several physical therapy techniques like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, chiropractic manipulation, traction mobilization that can provide instant back pain relief. Your physical therapist can advise and provide education regarding different strategies for resuming activities, restoring motion and preventing de-conditioning.

There are many studies that show that an early treatment by your physical therapist is always effective to give long-term results. However, the time and length of physical therapy totally depend on the severity of your condition. A good may include retraining your posture, core strengthening or aerobic exercises.

Injection-Based Treatments

Nerve blocks, acupuncture injection therapy, epidural injections, cortisone injections or nerve ablations are some of the types of injection-based treatments which work great to treat chronic back pain. Many orthopedic doctors use these procedures when the source of back pain is known.

Injection based treatments are great to lessen or stop back pain for a particular period of time but they are not recommended as long-term solutions and must not be used in total isolation. In addition to this, spinal injections are also typically used for recurrent or persistent low back pain (sometimes acute pain) following a complete medical evaluation. Sometimes, these injections based treatments may also treat your back pain possibly even permanently.

Lifestyle Modifications

When you suffer from chronic back pain, it is imperative to accept your adapt and limitations. The back pain specialist suggests learning to pace yourself and listen to your body needs. For instance, take a few minutes break while mowing the lawn, or make multiple trips to carry groceries. It is important for you to take note of all those activities or movements that worsen the back pain and try to avoid them whenever possible.

If you make a few small modifications in your lifestyle, this will not only help to prevent infuriation of underlying back pain condition but also to make your back feel better. Another major lifestyle modification is to quit or give up health concerning practices like nicotine or smoking. Both of them are scientifically known to delay healing and accentuate pain.


This may seem counterintuitive but as per the back pain specialists, always continue to remain active and perform daily activities as much as you can actually tolerate. However, this does not mean straining your back forcefully. According to some studies, people who stay active and don’t confine themselves to beds typically have less pain.

This is because activity helps blood and nutrients to properly flow to the affected area. For the same reason, people with severe back pain feel better after taking a short walk. But contact sports or more vigorous activities are inadvisable in case of severe pain. The best way is to make some straitening exercises a part of your daily morning routine.

Tai Chi

It is an ancient Chinese practice of meditative movements that are practiced as normal exercises. It is a gentle form of exercise and an effective procedure to treat back pain. The flowing movement matches with the gentle, deep breath (inhalation or exhalation). This coordination of breath and movement is said to free your flow of chi i.e. a life-force energy which, if blocked, may cause illness and stress.

Conclusively, if you follow these practices frequently you are more likely to be able to start your everyday activities without treating your back pain with a surgery. Indeed, it is advisable to consult an orthopedic specialist Mclean, VA before getting involved with severe work out regime or changing your diet completely.