6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Rugs

A rug accentuates your house and the configuration of the furniture but when you visit rug stores, you are bombarded with the different colors, sizes. Materials and types of rugs available and either you buy a rug which is not suitable or you come back empty handed.

How to select best antique rug

Just as a rug acts as a statement piece in any room if well placed, it can also be a great turn off if it is poorly chosen and can make any room look displaced. It is a bold piece that can make any room look classy and stylish and vice versa. So make sure you do not make the below-listed mistakes when you buy rugs form rug stores.

The perfect rug selection tips

  1. The Sizing

This is the most important thing that you should make sure is perfect and to the point. Imagine placing a small rug in a huge room with classy big furniture. Immediately the room would look disjointed to the onlookers. The size of the rug should be considered according to the size of the room and the furniture placement. Same goes for a very huge rug in a small room. If you are placing a rug in a living room then either it should half cover the sofas or the chairs or if it is in the center then it should extend on all four sides from the center table. A small rug can make a huge room smaller as well.

  1. Layering

You might think that you do not need to add rugs if you have wall to wall rugs or carpeting in your whole house. By not doing so you are missing a major element in your house. Adding a stylish rug on top of your carpet adds a touch of class and to your room.

  1. Mix and Match

If you are buying smaller rugs on purpose because they cost loss and you are on a tight budget. You can surely go for discounts and deals and can also purchase wholesale oriental rugs as they will be available at a cheap rate. Secondly what you can do is that you can mix and match many smaller rugs and create a mosaic type floor. Most people are scared to mix patterns and colors in their house and go for matching rugs but that can make your house look dull and boring. Play with colors, patterns, and designs and make a happy place and enhance the look of your house. You can also place a large cheap rug on the floor and place a small expensive rug on top of it to create bold look.

  1. Forgetting a Rug Pad

You have added the perfect size and perfect colored rug on the floor but you tend to forget the main thing, a rug pad. A rug pad is a great investment and it helps the rug to stay put and in place and helps to avoid slipping accidents. Many rugs are slippery and you can fall badly if you are in a hurry, so a rug pad will save you from these accidents.

  1. Buying the Rug At Last

You tend to leave buying a rug for the last and focus on the walls, furniture and other configuration of the house first. Then when you finally visit the rug stores, you get confused regarding what color, design and size will suit your room and house. This is the biggest mistake you are making. When you are decorating your room after you have placed the furniture, a rug is the first thing that you should purchase as it will bring the whole room together. Once you have done all the decoration then finding the perfect rug will be a difficult task.

  1. Not Considering the Cost

When buying rugs, you should always be careful and do not make impulsive decisions. Also, do not discard the idea of placing a rug because it will be expensive. Always look for bargains and discounts and you can always buy wholesale oriental rugs in discounts.

These rugs will be easy on your pocket and if you want to buy many rugs then wholesale oriental rugs va are the best option for you as they are versatile and long-lasting.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wedding Venue

Whether you do all the arrangements yourself or take help from wedding party rentals for you wedding, there are some of the mistakes which should be avoided, such as:

Selecting a Venue by Looking at Pictures Only

This would be the biggest mistake which you should strictly avoid as pictures differ a lot from the reality and nowadays photoshop can do great wonders in making things look more beautiful. You should not just choose the venue based off the pictures, visiting the venue is necessary so that you can get the exact idea of the whole area and the view.

Letting Someone Else to Make Your Decisions

Never change your plans because of someone else’s likes and dislikes. No matter whatever others want, it is your wedding day, your big day so don’t let anyone else take decisions for your big occasion. Go for what you love, what you want and where you want to arrange your wedding by taking hiring wedding tent rental services so that you won’t regret for it later.

Not Making an Alternate Plan

Another big mistake is not making a plan B. You never know that how weather can change unpredictably so it is very important to expect the unexpected so that you won’t panic at the eleventh hour. Wedding party rental services would also have some packages which would include a plan B as well.

Taking Forever to Decide the Venue

No doubt, deciding venue for the wedding is overwhelming for everyone but don’t take too long for making a decision. You would have to make the bookings some months before the wedding so by taking too long you won’t only lose great packages by some wedding tent rentals or wedding party rentals but also would get an average venue which would not have everything according to your wishes.

Not Being Concerned About Parking

The guests in your wedding should be comfortable and proper convenience for their accommodations should be provided. One thing that is overlooked is the parking issue. Guests are usually very concerned about the parking issue. You don’t want them to be late because they were busy in finding a spot very far from the actual venue. You should talk about the venue that has a dedicated parking lot, so your guests don’t have to go through any inconvenience.

Not Being Careful About Catering

You wouldn’t want to have your guests go home hungry at your wedding nor would you want to have your dinner being ruined. Consider the weather or season you are marrying in and choose the menu accordingly. Food can spoil and be ruined during the summers so avoid having any dairy food to serve. In winters, you can have an indoor dinner area, so people can enjoy their food in the warmth. Your guests are your first priority and you wouldn’t want them to have any negative reviews or inconvenience at your wedding.

Choose a Venue That Accommodates the Guests

It doesn’t matter how many or how less guests you are inviting but if the venue can accommodate all of them. A small venue can be a bit cheaper but if you invite too many guests, there will be a problem of cramming and congestion. People will be over themselves and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the party. On the other hand, if a venue is big but you have invited only close friends and relatives, then a big venue is just wasting money. A big venue can make your party look empty. Plan the guests you are inviting and book a venue according to the plan.

Check to See If Venue Have Enough Restrooms

Restrooms are a very important part of any venue. Without them or having them in bad shape can weigh heavily on the outcome of your guest’s moods. They should be clean and hygiene and enough for an evening. Don’t have them in less numbers. Have it checked before booking if and demand that they be in good shape by the time of your wedding day.

Wedding tent rentals MD can be a bit cruel on your pocket but if you are spending money consider these tips in choosing the right venue.

11 Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips

Once you have installed the quartz kitchen countertops by professional quartz contractors, then you will also need to know about its care and maintenance.

Things to know about Quartz Countertop Maintenance

Quartz kitchen countertops are quickly becoming the most popular choice amongst homeowners because are easy to care for and extremely low maintenance.

Below are the tops maintenance tips for your quartz countertops however if the damage is severe or there is a stubborn stain, you can always consult your quartz installers.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips

  1. Wipe Away Spills and Solvents Immediately

Quartz is made up of quartz, sand, and resin polymers, which make is non-porous. This means that quartz countertops will not need sealing annually, unlike granite and marble. But this also does not mean that you can leave any spills or liquids or the juices of solid fruits and vegetables on the countertops for kitchen cleaning. Because the liquids can leave stains if left for long.

  1. Anti-bacteria is Not Required

As the quartz is non-porous in nature, then the liquids cannot seep and permeate through the quartz material and cause bacteria and fungus issues.

  1. Clean Regularly

Just like with any other countertops, regular cleaning for quartz kitchen countertops is also necessary. You should clean it daily with regular household cleaner and a soft wash clothes and also wipe any sort of spill or liquid immediately. You can also try glass cleaners for extra shine and smoothness of your quartz and can be used for extreme deep cleansing of your quartz countertop. If household cleaner does not clean well then you can purchase quartz countertops specialized cleaner and it will do wonders for your quartz.

  1. Do Not Use Harsh Products

If you want to properly take care of your quartz then you should avoid harsh and strong chemical cleaners that are acidic or extremely alkaline in nature. Also, bleach is a strict no for your quartz countertops as it could do a lot of harm to it. Oven cleaners, nail polish removers, turpentine, bleaching agents and drain cleaners should not be spilled on the countertops or use them for cleaning as it could fade and damage your quartz countertops. Also, avoid using harsh and rough scrubs and cleaning cloths for your quartz.

  1. Take Care of Heat

Quartz is not very heat resistant so you should take care and not place your hot pots and pans directly on the quartz countertops. Always use hoy rivets and heating plates on the countertops so that there is no direct contact with the hot pots and pans.

  1. Avoid Sharp Objects

Quartz is a very hard and durable material but this does not mean that you can abuse it to your liking. You have to take care of it and not use sharp knives and utensils directly on the countertop. Instead, use a cutting and chopping board for all your vegetables and fruits.

  1. Degrease Your Countertops

If stubborn grease and oily stuff get stuck to your countertops then you should spray a degrading agent on the stain and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then gently clean with a mild cleaner with a soft washcloth.

  1. Avoid Certain Liquids

Certain liquids such as wine, coffee, lemon juice, tea and some citric should not be directly spilled on the countertop, as they have certain properties that can permanently stain your quartz countertops.

  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol for Stubborn Stains

Some stains are extremely stubborn that they cannot be removed by soap and water and also scrubbing. For these stains, you can wet a soft sponge with rubbing alcohol and then clean the stain with it. This will remove the stains.

  1. Do Not Put Pressure

Quartz is very hard and durable in nature but you should avoid placing very heavy objects on your quartz countertops and also do not place your objects and appliances with a lot of force. As this force can cause cracks and scratches on the countertop.

  1. Dry Solid Stains

If there are any dried-up food stains on your quartz then you should use a blunt scraper and then gently scrape and scrub off the dried-up stain. When the stain is completely removed, use your normal cleaner and washcloth to wipe away. For more maintenance tips, you can contact your quartz installers Rockville.

Home remedies for maintaining the color and thickness of your hair

Black and thick hair plays a great role in defining the personality and self confidence of a person. Therefore most people spend much time and money for keeping their hair color and hairstyle in good condition.

Tips for maintaining hair color

As you start aging, loss of hair starts worrying you. Such people run about here and there looking for good treatment that is effective in preventing the hair loss and without any side effects. In this article I am going to list out some easy home remedies which can help you to maintain thick and properly colored hair.

Easy home remedies to maintain hair color


Coconut is very useful in maintaining healthy hair and in preventing loss of hair. The essential fats, proteins and minerals in it reduce hair breakage. Coconut oil or coconut milk can be used to massage your hair from tip to root. For this, take some coconut oil and massage your hair. After one hour wash the hair and remove the oil. Or coconut milk can be used to massage the areas where hair thinning or balding is taking place. Let it remain there overnight. Then wash if off in the morning.

Onion juice

Onion juice contains sulphur which is good in increasing hair growth as it increases collagen production. Squash a few onions after chopping them finely. Rub the juice over your hair and let it remain there for fifteen minutes. Wash of the juice using shampoo after 15 minutes. Repeat this twice a week and see the results.


Garlic is rich in sulphur content. So it is used in many traditional hair creams and oils.  Take few cloves of   garlic and crush them.  Boil it after adding some coconut oil for a few minutes.  Apply it after cooling and massage on your scalp. Let it remain there for 30 minutes. Wash your hair and remove all the oil. Repeat this twice in every week.


Henna is used for maintaining the natural color of the hair. It also has properties that strengthens hair from root to tip. Combining henna with mustard oil makes it a better pack. Take 250 ml of mustard oil and mix it with 60 grams of henna which is washed and dried. Boil this mixture and then filter the oil so produced and store it in air tight vessel.   Another henna pack can be made using henna powder and curd. These can be applied on the hair and washed off after one hour.


Egg has been found to be very useful in preventing hair fall.  Egg is abundant in sulphur, phosphorus, iodine, zinc etc. Take one yolk of egg. Mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil. Beat it continuously till paste like consistency is obtained and apply it over your entire scalp in hair salon rockville. Let it remain there for 15-30 minutes and then rinse it off with mild shampoo and cold water.

Different types of commercial refrigerators in the market

There is no doubt that commercial refrigerators happen to be one of the most integral and important parts of any restaurant. They are used in almost all types of food businesses including cafeterias, hotels, retail stores, and a lot more. This is because, without proper refrigeration, it is impossible to maintain the freshness of food. However, there is a catch! These heavy pieces of equipment require regular inspection and some occasional maintenance and repairs by commercial refrigerator services.

In the market, you will find a number of different types of commercial refrigerators. When you first visit a shop in order to buy commercial appliances, it may be difficult for you to choose. This is because due to the sheer amount of options, new restaurant owners can get overwhelmed very easily.

Different types of commercial refrigerators that you can buy

In this article, we list down the most common types of commercial refrigerators that you can find out there. These include:

The walk-in refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators are usually used in hotels and restaurants that need to store very large amounts of food products. Walk-in freezers and refrigerators have a very large capacity for storage and allow you to create various sections for different products. Moreover, they are also very easy to customize. However, these are very heavy-duty and hence, quite expensive.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the refrigerators comply with your local standards (especially if they are getting imported from abroad). This is because refrigerators often contribute to the greenhouse effect. Hence, you must check for specific codes.

Upright refrigerators

Upright refrigerates are also referred to as the reach-in refrigerators. These refrigerators are very common and are used in commercial kitchens very often. This is primarily because they have a very small footprint and hence, do not cover a lot of space.

These have varying storage capacities that are determined based on cubic feet measurements. Moreover, they feature horizontal shelving that stores the products. The shelving allows you to organize the food items by type, for quick work.

Display refrigerators

Display refrigerators are common commercial units found in grocery stores and in some restaurants, that display each item inside. These type of refrigerators are designed to hold items for display, particularly those that are ready to be sold. These refrigerators are often used to display meat, cold drinks, ice cream, fresh cakes, vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

Under-counter refrigerators

Nowadays, we can also find refrigerators that take up very less space in a commercial kitchen. In this regard, the under-counter refrigerators stand on the top! These refrigerators sit under a counter that you can simply slide open like a drawer. This space a great amount of space, and provides quick access to the items inside.

The prime purpose of using these refrigerators is to increase efficiency and workflow. Since they sit just under the counter, the staff does not have to rush long distances to get food items.

Horizontal refrigerators

Horizontal refrigerators are also referred to as chest refrigerators. They are often used in commercial kitchens due to their large storage spaces, and low utility costs. These refrigerators can be found equipped with a range of interesting features, and varying storage capacities.

Ending note

It is extremely important for you to get the right type of commercial appliance for your usage. In case you get the wrong refrigerator, chances are that your productivity will suffer. Moreover, also consider the future maintenance and repair costs of each type. Chances are that you will have to reach out to commercial refrigerator repairs Northern VA every once in a while.


Redesign your bedroom using some easy design tips

A bedroom is a place where we love to relax an to spend our free time, after a tough and stressful day at work. Hence it needs to be as comfortable and cozy as it can be. In case your bedroom does not offer you the level of satisfaction that you desire, you may want to completely remodel it. However, home remodel is not as easy as it sounds. It has a number of complexities and rules that you need to know beforehand. In this regard, contacting an expert may be the best choice.

Easy ways to redesign your bedroom

Nevertheless, there are still a number of things that you can do in order to redesign your bedroom. In this regard, we have put together some design tips that may prove to be very useful for you.

Change the bedding and throw pillow

The bed is considered as the focal point of a bedroom. So if you change the duvet or the throw pillows on your bed, your room may look all-new! This is yet another very cost effective method of bedroom redesign.

In this case, you may select a bedding that is different from your current one in terms of color. Moreover, consider selecting cozy and neutral colors rather than bright ones. This is because neutral colors add more warmth to the environment (something that a bedroom must have).

In the winter season, you could also include a cozy warm blanket in a contrasting color. Generally, dark brown blankets on a charcoal or light grey bedding look great!

In order to choose colors that will go nicely with each other, take a look at some color theory.

Switch the entire place up

One  of the easiest and cheapest ways of redesigning your bedroom is to change its layout. All that this will take is a little bit of energy and time. In return, you will get an entirely new space with a different look.

When you are changing the layout of your bedroom, make sure that you are letting go of some pieces that are unnecessary. Often at times, less pieces are more! So get rid of all the extra pieces of furniture that fill the room up. As a result of this, your place will feel more airy and cozy.

Often at times, simply changing the direction of the bed makes a huge difference!

With that, you can also change your curtains and your place will look nothing like before anymore!


A bedroom is supposed to be a cozy and comfortable place where you can escape from the everyday struggles of life. Hence, it needs to have ample storage so that clutter can be reduced. So make use of closets, bins, and nesting baskets in order to stop miscellaneous items to be spread around.

Think about the floor

Adding an attractive rug on the floor or changing out, and replacing the duvet are small enhancements that make a very big impact. Who does not like to have softness under the feat though? In this regard, you could put up a wool rug during the winter because it is not just soft but also very warm.

Ending note

You do not always have to go overboard in order to remodel your house. Sometimes, some affordable home additions DC are all that you need in order to shine the entire place up. The tips that we have mentioned above are timeless, and can be used throughout your life. Still, if you want a complete makeover, you may have to buy new furniture and perhaps reconstruct the structure of the room. However, do remember that this will be an expensive one-time project!


How To Expedite A Divorce

Sometimes you just want to get things like divorce over with due to personal matters. You hire a good divorce attorney to speed things up. Here are a few ways that can expedite your divorce case.

Agreement from Both Parties

One way to speed up the divorce process is to come to an agreement with each other. Meeting the agreement doesn’t lead to any debates and arguments. Your divorce lawyers are responsible to have everything be accounted for. This includes all the property and assets like furniture, household items, appliances, money, debt, etc. must be distributed equally among the divorcing personnel.

More often than not, there is a case of distribution of an object or place that has emotional attachment and values that can spark an argument between the two opposing parties. A case which is much more complex is the custody of children and spousal support. Agreeing upon most of the matters whether it be children’s custody or distribution of property can make things go much smoother, faster and less involvement from the uncontested divorce lawyers. It may be difficult for some people but with an open dialogue with mediation to just get things over with.

Get a Summary Divorce

A summary divorce is a type of divorce that substantially increases the speed of the divorce process legally. Summary divorce has minimal legal paperwork and no fee for the divorce attorney at all. People tend to go with this type of divorce but not everyone qualifies for it.

A summary divorce has certain criteria and conditions which are needed to be met before carrying on. It is to be noted that summary divorce is for those people who haven’t been in a marriage for a long period, have no children and have less income than normal usually get the summary divorce which basically sets a period of time when you can legally be divorced. It is also important both parties agree for a divorce. If one person doesn’t agree on a divorce, the plea for summary divorce will be rejected. It must be a mutual decision and a joint request should be made so there are no complications afterwards.

Avoid Trial

Trying to find a middle ground, as said above, will be the most sensible act done by you and your spouse. Speeding up the divorce means there should be no complications in anything. Agreeing upon conditions set by your lawyers will save you from not only a trial but all the additional cost of divorce lawyers and it will also speed up the process of the divorce.

Residency Requirements for a Divorce to Be Filed

Each state in the USA has different rules and regulations regarding divorce. One of which is the residency requirements of a person to file for divorce. It is important that these matters are put into consideration to speed up the process of divorce. Every state requires a minimum time for residence before filing for divorce.

The time period of the stay may vary from state to state as some require a few weeks, some require a month and some require residence on the state grounds for a year or more. You must know the rules and regulations of the state you and your spouse are residing in by discussing it with your family lawyer. It can expedite the process to a good extent.

Doing It Yourself

There are some special conditions which, if met, can lead to the divorce paperwork to be done without the slightest involvement of a divorce lawyer. Pursuing a DIY divorce can accelerate the process of divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement about the distribution of property, child custody and other problems that arise in the situation of divorce, you can easily file divorce papers yourself. You can easily save legal fees of lawyers and whatnot if you pursue this option. If this is the case, you can also proceed to get a summary divorce but it will include the involvement of lawyers which can slow the process down.

Divorce is a serious matter and without a good uncontested divorce lawyer Fairfax VA, it is quite difficult for some people. However, these tips can expedite and speed up your divorce process so you can move on and start anew.

How to sell your house fast?

Are you planning to sell your house? Well, a seller’s agent may certainly be able to help you out the best. However, this certainly does not mean that you cannot find your next big client all on your own.

Selling your house quickly

In this article, we have included a number of tips that might be useful for you if you want to sell your house fast.

If you want to sell your house fast, check out the below five ways you can use to speed up house selling.


One of the best ways to sell your house is to reach out to a wholesaler. Primarily, wholesalers act like a middleman between the sale and purchase. With that, they usually keep a house sale commission. This might be the fasted way for you to sell a house (as wholesalers have plenty of clients who are looking to buy a house).

So, in case you want to sell your house urgently, a wholesaler might be your best bet.

The looks

Believe it or not but looks do matter, especially in case of properties! When it comes to a house, it’s all about the location, the exterior looks, and the interior. So, make sure that you have invested a little in improving the overall look of your house.

A simple paint could go a long way in giving your house a totally fresh look. So, do not underestimate its power! Though, we suggest you get your house re-painted in a neutral color in order to increase your chances of making a successful sale.

Don’t overdo the price

While you might want to stay competitive, the truth is that a fluke demand is likely to put your buyer off. At the same time, choose the price that has some room for negotiations (especially if you are selling in a sensitive market).

Price is one of the main things that buyers will notice about your property. So, it is recommended to not to surpass the market. In case you want to attract more customer, consider keeping an average price.

Neutralize your house

You may have personalized a number of aspects related to your house. But when you are about to make a sale, make sure that everything including furniture and fancy rugs, are neutralized. Perhaps, now it is time to detach yourself.

Also, remove all the fancy furniture to create some neutral space. Potential house buyers see the house as per their needs. They will see an empty place and re-imagine it all based on their own personality. to match their personality. Showing a neutral look and showing much empty space you can make buyers imagine that house based on their own expectations. This simply increases the chances of a successful sale!

They say that the first impression is the last impression. Chances are that whatever the house buyer sees as he/she enters your property, is going to stick. So, make sure that the room is looking spacious enough, and no extra decorations are present.

Ending note

Listing your house up for sale on various platforms can be quite a tedious task. There are a number of factors that which a quick sale depends on. While we have mentioned some of these above, there are countless things that a buyer may consider. Nevertheless, taking help from a good real estate agent could increase your chances of making a sale ten-fold. While a real estate agent may bring you potential buyers, the rest depends on you. As a seller, you need to leave a good impact on the buyers in order to make a successful sale.

8 Signs You Hate Your Job

Following are the sign you hate your job. This is time to find a new job.

  1. You’re Not Excited About Work

This is the first sign you hate your job. When you lose interest or the work doesn’t excite you anymore, you should find a new job. There can be many reasons why you are not excited. It can be because of office politics, poor pay, no increments, fewer facilities, longer work hours or anything. When a person is not excited about the job, he or she can’t do it perfectly. So it is always better to switch from the current one to a better one.

  1. You’re Not as Good as You Used to Be

It is really hard to remain as good as you were. People lose interest or the new work assignments don’t excite them for any reason. You might be making more mistakes and don’t see yourself as good as you used to be. This is high time that you should find a new job and leave it here. You may not be confident about the new projects and when it comes to dealing with them. So let someone else work in your position and find an alternative for yourself.

  1. You Can’t Concentrate on Work

Sometimes, people can’t concentrate at work or they find it really hard to concentrate on what they are about to do. You are rather engaged in something else and thinking about it. This can be a family issue, your partner or your kids. You may have problems in your life that are not allowing you to focus. Apart from this, the office environment also creates such issues when you lose concentration.

  1. No Promotion in a Long Time

Usually, all the organizations have a system when it comes to employee promotions and raising their salaries. Annual increments are offered. In addition to this, the loyal and hardworking staff is honored with rewards. But if you see this is not a case where you are working, you should better find a new job. No one can work with such things and with the same salary over the years.

  1. Work-Life Balance is Disturbed

There is a thing called work-life balance. You will be surprised to know Amazon CEO recently informed the employees there is no such thing like work-life balance if you are working at Amazon. This is a reason why many people quit the job because they can’t manage their work and life at the same time. Long working hours, work at home and at unexpected hours and pressure from the boss are the factors that disturb work-life balance.

  1. You Don’t See Any Improvements

When you work in a company, the sole purpose is not to just make money and keep your system working. It is a sort of opportunity to polish your skills, outdo what you already know, get improvements in your skills and develop leadership skills. If you see there is no such improvement, you should quit this job. This is one of the signs you hate your job because you have not developed any particular skills over the years. You can try to find new job.

  1. You Waste a Lot of Time at Work

It should be noted when employees waste a lot of time at work, there can be many reasons. But it is sure they don’t like this job and hate it. They may not be comfortable with the workplace environment, any colleague or even the boss. They try to avoid their responsibilities and spend more time without working and giving any productivity. If you are doing so and trying to spend time anywhere else, you should quit this job and look for a better one.

  1. You Feel a Sort of Pressure

When you feel a sort of pressure about the new job, it is one of the signs you hate your job and you need to find a new one. The pressure can be about reaching on time, working without taking any breaks, the boss factor or a supervisor all the time over your head.  This pressure is not really healthy for the employees and they often quit if they can’t tolerate it. Comfortable environment, flexible boss, friendly colleagues and such others should be your priority as you find a new job.

Causes and diagnosis for urinary tract infections

Microbes like bacteria which overcome the defense system of body in the urinary tract are the cause of infections in the urinary tract. This is a very common condition which account for 9 million visits to doctors per year in the US alone. Urinary tract consists of bladder, ureters, and urethra. Urethra opens in the end of the pennies in men and at the front side of the vagina in women.

Causes of urinary tract infections

Bacteria Escherichia coli is the bacteria responsible for the majority of the UTI infections noticed so far. Other bacteria like Mycoplasma and  Chiamydia are the cause of infection in the urethra. But they are not found in the infections in the bladder.

Risk factors

The risk factors which can increase the vulnerability to UTI are listed below.

  • Sexual intercourse with multiple partners with increased frequency and intensity
  • Problems in emptying the bladder completely
  • Diabetes
  • Poor hygiene
  • Use of urinary catheter
  • Bowel problems
  • Blockage to the flow or urine
  • Use of contraceptives
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney stones
  • Procedure involving UT
  • Menopause
  • Continued immobility
  • Continued use of antibiotics


Doctors’ diagnosis the presence of this disease by asking about the symptoms and conducting urine tests to assess the blood cells and bacteria in it.  Clean catch is a method used for collecting urine for this purpose. The genitals are washed cleanly to avoid the possibility of getting bacteria during urine collection. The patient is then asked to urinate and during the mid-stream about 30-60 ml of urine is collected in a clean bottle. This makes it possible to collect the urine without bacteria from the surroundings get mixed up with the sample urine taken.  In cases of persons who experience recurrent UTI’s your doctor may ask you to undergo some other tests which are described below to ascertain the existence of anatomical or functional issues.

Diagnostic imaging: Imaging techniques like ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays, radiation tracking etc is widely used by physicians to see the images and understand them. This will help them to determine the reasons for the anomalies experienced by the patients.

Urodynamics: Urodynamics is a study in which the bladder and urethra are assessed and determined whether they are doing their duties of storing the urine and releasing them when needed. This test will be able to explain the reasons for frequent urination and incontinence.

Cystoscopy is a procedure in which urethra and bladder are examined with a help of a long thin tube which is inserted through the vagina of the patient. With the help of the light and camera at the end of the tube the examiner is able to examine the internal parts and study the existence of cysts if any.