How To Expedite A Divorce

Sometimes you just want to get things like divorce over with due to personal matters. You hire a good divorce attorney to speed things up. Here are a few ways that can expedite your divorce case.

Agreement from Both Parties

One way to speed up the divorce process is to come to an agreement with each other. Meeting the agreement doesn’t lead to any debates and arguments. Your divorce lawyers are responsible to have everything be accounted for. This includes all the property and assets like furniture, household items, appliances, money, debt, etc. must be distributed equally among the divorcing personnel.

More often than not, there is a case of distribution of an object or place that has emotional attachment and values that can spark an argument between the two opposing parties. A case which is much more complex is the custody of children and spousal support. Agreeing upon most of the matters whether it be children’s custody or distribution of property can make things go much smoother, faster and less involvement from the uncontested divorce lawyers. It may be difficult for some people but with an open dialogue with mediation to just get things over with.

Get a Summary Divorce

A summary divorce is a type of divorce that substantially increases the speed of the divorce process legally. Summary divorce has minimal legal paperwork and no fee for the divorce attorney at all. People tend to go with this type of divorce but not everyone qualifies for it.

A summary divorce has certain criteria and conditions which are needed to be met before carrying on. It is to be noted that summary divorce is for those people who haven’t been in a marriage for a long period, have no children and have less income than normal usually get the summary divorce which basically sets a period of time when you can legally be divorced. It is also important both parties agree for a divorce. If one person doesn’t agree on a divorce, the plea for summary divorce will be rejected. It must be a mutual decision and a joint request should be made so there are no complications afterwards.

Avoid Trial

Trying to find a middle ground, as said above, will be the most sensible act done by you and your spouse. Speeding up the divorce means there should be no complications in anything. Agreeing upon conditions set by your lawyers will save you from not only a trial but all the additional cost of divorce lawyers and it will also speed up the process of the divorce.

Residency Requirements for a Divorce to Be Filed

Each state in the USA has different rules and regulations regarding divorce. One of which is the residency requirements of a person to file for divorce. It is important that these matters are put into consideration to speed up the process of divorce. Every state requires a minimum time for residence before filing for divorce.

The time period of the stay may vary from state to state as some require a few weeks, some require a month and some require residence on the state grounds for a year or more. You must know the rules and regulations of the state you and your spouse are residing in by discussing it with your family lawyer. It can expedite the process to a good extent.

Doing It Yourself

There are some special conditions which, if met, can lead to the divorce paperwork to be done without the slightest involvement of a divorce lawyer. Pursuing a DIY divorce can accelerate the process of divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement about the distribution of property, child custody and other problems that arise in the situation of divorce, you can easily file divorce papers yourself. You can easily save legal fees of lawyers and whatnot if you pursue this option. If this is the case, you can also proceed to get a summary divorce but it will include the involvement of lawyers which can slow the process down.

Divorce is a serious matter and without a good uncontested divorce lawyer Fairfax VA, it is quite difficult for some people. However, these tips can expedite and speed up your divorce process so you can move on and start anew.