How To Prevent AC Failure During Summer

There are many reasons why your AC may fail during summer. Among the reasons, one is to not hire the best AC repair companies. Below are more tips that will help you prevent AC failure this summer.

  1. Don’t Skip Annual Tune-Up

Many people make this mistake when they ignore or skip the annual tune-up of their ACs. The regular checks and repairs keep the AC in the best working conditions and prevent sudden failure issues. When you plan to tune it up, choose the reliable HVAC companies so that you get quality and affordable services.

  1. Check and Change Filters Regularly

Not checking and changing the filters is one of the main reasons why ACs stop working at the peak of summer. This issue can be prevented if the home owners hire AC repair companies, ask them to check and change the filters if there is any need. Your AC will work like a new one with a new filter.

  1. Area Around Outside Unit Should Be Clear

Experts always recommend to keep or install outdoor unit of the AC in an open area. It needs air to breath just like humans. When there are so many items or it is stuffed in a congested place, it may not breathe as it should. Open area lets it release the gas and continue working in its best form.

  1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a good option as it turns on and off the AC when there is a need. It controls the room temperature and prevents extra use of ACs.

  1. Never Close/Block Any Vents

A good number of people believe the misconception that closing or blocking some air vents is helpful and saves energy. What they ignore it how it will affect the AC and its performance. Blocking vents puts more pressure on it. Any sort of obstruction in vents will damage the AC and reduce its performance. So don’t make this mistake.

  1. Check for Any Signs of Water Leak

Water leak is a common issue at the peak of season. In summer, the unrepaired air-conditioners leak water which shows they are in a poor condition and need to be repaired. You should check the filter and make sure water is not leaking. It should be done as the hot season begins.

  1. Don’t Use It Too Excessively

The excessive use of everything is bad. So is the case with an AC. People need to understand keeping AC turned on most of the time is not a wise option. It increases your bills as well as affects its performance. Try other options of cooling your rooms when weather is moderate.

  1. Make Best Use of Fans

When temperature is normal, people should rely on fans. Windows should be kept opened in order for ventilation and avoid suffocation. Make less use of AC.

  1. Keep the Condenser Clean

Condenser may get dirt, dust and debris over time. When the season is over, people ignore their AC and start using it without repairing as the new season begins. There should be a complete inspection to keep the condenser clean and in the best condition. Hire professional HVAC companies for AC repairing and such other issues.

  1. Make Sure Windows are Not Cracked

Windows in the rooms where AC is offering cooling must be sealed. Any leakage or cracked windows will affect the cooling level. You will think the AC is not working so turn it on to the maximum. It will increase bills as well as impact the performance of your AC. Make sure the windows are fine and not cracked.

  1. Invest in Regular HVAC Maintenance

People should hire the best AC repair companies when they have to get their ACs repaired. The professional HVAC companies Herndon VA are the best option as they can provide you with quality service, charge lower than other service providers and keep your AC fit for the whole summer.

  1. Check the Insulation

When you perform regular inspection and repair works, make sure the insulation is not damaged. When the insulation is poor, it leads to temperature issues. The AC is unable to provide the required level of cooling.

11 Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips

Once you have installed the quartz kitchen countertops by professional quartz contractors, then you will also need to know about its care and maintenance.

Things to know about Quartz Countertop Maintenance

Quartz kitchen countertops are quickly becoming the most popular choice amongst homeowners because are easy to care for and extremely low maintenance.

Below are the tops maintenance tips for your quartz countertops however if the damage is severe or there is a stubborn stain, you can always consult your quartz installers.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips

  1. Wipe Away Spills and Solvents Immediately

Quartz is made up of quartz, sand and resin polymers which make is non-porous. This means that quartz countertops will not need sealing annually unlike granite and marble. But this also does not mean that you can leave any spills or liquids or the juices of solid fruits and vegetables on the countertops for kitchen cleaning. Because the liquids can leave stains if left for long.

  1. Anti-Bacteria is Not Required

As the quartz is non-porous in nature, then the liquids cannot seep and permeate through the quartz material and cause bacteria and fungus issues.

  1. Clean Regularly

Just like with any other countertops, regular cleaning for quartz kitchen countertops is also necessary. You should clean it daily with regular household cleaner and a soft wash clothes and also wipe any sort of spill or liquid immediately. You can also try glass cleaners for extra shine and smoothness of your quartz and can be used for extreme deep cleansing of your quartz countertop. If household cleaner does not clean well then you can purchase quartz countertops specialized cleaner and it will do wonders for your quartz.

  1. Do Not Use Harsh Products

If you want to properly take care of your quartz then you should avoid harsh and strong chemical cleaners that are acidic or extremely alkaline in nature. Also, bleach is a strict no for your quartz countertops as it could do a lot of harm to it. Oven cleaners, nail polish removers, turpentine, bleaching agents and drain cleaners should not be spilled on the countertops or use them for cleaning as it could fade and damage your quartz countertops. Also, avoid using harsh and rough scrubs and cleaning cloths for your quartz.

  1. Take Care of Heat

Quartz is not very heat resistant so you should take care and not place your hot pots and pans directly on the quartz countertops. Always use hoy rivets and heating plates on the countertops so that there is no direct contact with the hot pots and pans.

  1. Avoid Sharp Objects

Quartz is a very hard and durable material but this does not mean that you can abuse it to your liking. You have to take care of it and not use sharp knives and utensils directly on the countertop. Instead, use a cutting and chopping board for all your vegetables and fruits.

  1. Degrease Your Countertops

If stubborn grease and oily stuff get stuck to your countertops then you should spray a degrading agent on the stain and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then gently clean with a mild cleaner with a soft washcloth.

  1. Avoid Certain Liquids

Certain liquids such as wine, coffee, lemon juice, tea and some citric should not be directly spilled on the countertop, as they have certain properties that can permanently stain your quartz countertops.

  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol for Stubborn Stains

Some stains are extremely stubborn that they cannot be removed by soap and water and also scrubbing. For these stains, you can wet a soft sponge with rubbing alcohol and then clean the stain with it. This will remove the stains.

  1. Do Not Put Pressure

Quartz is very hard and durable in nature but you should avoid placing very heavy objects on your quartz countertops and also do not place your objects and appliance with a lot of force. As this force can cause cracks and scratches on the countertop.

  1. Dry Solid Stains

If there are any dried-up food stains on your quartz then you should use a blunt scraper and then gently scrape and scrub off the dried-up stain. When the stain is completely removed use your normal cleaner and washcloth to wipe away. For more maintenance tips, you can contact your quartz installers Rockville.

Valuable Restaurant Management Books For Managers

Well, you would always find this book at every commercial appliances repair service provider as it is considered as a life changer for restaurant managers. It is written by Danny Meyer, who is known as the head of a restaurant empire, briefing about the lessons he learnt on his way to the top.

Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

He has shared how a good manager should keep balance between employees to keep them motivated while showing zero tolerance for treating the guests. You can get insights of management from scratch of restaurant business to the top levels of management in a very professional yet firm way.

Making the Cut: What Separates the Best from the Rest

This book is written by Chris Hill who is known as the young talent for restaurant industry following the basics in a much modest way. This book is also followed by DIY refrigerator repair are often called in restaurants and are their regular partners. You would read different success stories in this book which are very inspirational for young generation to get motivation and imply in their lives. This book is one of the best seller of Chris Hill as it shows the great insights of restaurant industry and helps in advancing your status in the right direction.

Kitchen Confidential

It is written by Anthony Bourdain, an experienced, great and successful name in the restaurant industry. He has added some hilarious events as well which shows what happens behind the stage when guests are eagerly waiting for their food. Many commercial appliance repair services follow this book to know the insights of restaurant industries and how to tackle the situation in a professional way.

You can read the stories from a student of culinary school to becoming a restaurant owner in a few years of time span with his amazing management skills. You would also learn about the struggles people go through behind the doors of the kitchen when the guests are served with their flawless and yummy food on their tables.

The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation

It is written by John R Walker, includes some great management skills for a restaurant manager covering the managing operations, managing inventory and following specific business plans. It is considered as one the greatest guide book for managers to understand the basics of running a food business in a competitive restaurant industry. You would find the charts, tables, a lot of industrial examples, their sample menus and what not. This book is also very useful for restaurant partners like refrigerator repair services, without whom running a restaurant business is likely impossible.

Restaurant Success and the Numbers

Well number is the most important thing in restaurant industry, be it the number of ingredients’ quantities, expected number of times when commercial appliances repair services would be required, number of expected guests or the number of business turnover annually. Each and every number is equally important in a restaurant industry and it is that one manager who lead the whole with the great management skills. This book is purely based on numbers and written by Roger Fields who is a qualified accountant and a restaurant owner and consultant for many of other restaurants.

Restaurant Financial Management Basics

This book is written by Raymond S Schmidgall, a PhD and professor in Michigan State University, shares the insights of financial risks that requires a wise management system to cater every time. It is a must read book for every restaurant manager and even for the partners who are related to this business.

For instance, refrigerator repair services Arlington VA should get this book as they are the key partners for any restaurant to stay competent in the market. These aspects have huge impact on the finances of restaurant industry that needs to be tackled carefully and professionally.

This book covers almost all of the financial risks associated with restaurant industry and the ways of managing them. You can even learn about pricing, budgeting, cost control and cash flows of restaurant business along with keeping a balance with establishing menus for your guests.

Pros And Cons Of Silestone Countertops

When you are making or renovating your kitchen then quartz kitchen countertops are the most ideal choice for your kitchen as well as bathrooms. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral and its countertop is mostly quartz with just 5% addition of polymer resins. When you will call your quartz installer for details. Then he will also tell you that many types of countertops are made from quartz as well.

Amongst the most popular quartz kitchen countertops is the Silestone countertops.

What Is Silestone Countertop?

Silestone countertops are man-made slabs made from quartz. The quartz is engineered together with color pigments and mixing of resins to make Silestone countertops. It is emerging as the most preferred choice for countertops by homeowners due to its elements of durability, sustainability, and low maintenance. Your quartz installer will surely advise you for Silestone countertops amongst the different quartz kitchen countertops. However, even the Silestone countertops have its pros and cons. Read below to make a final decision.

Pros of Silestone Countertops

  1. Silestone is a very beautiful surface which resembles marble and granite but has more sparkle and shines due to the quartz specks in it. The binding agents help to give it eth beautiful design and look.
  2. Silestone can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, shower floors, and wall cladding.
  3. It is extremely durable and hard material which cannot be damaged easily, so it is best for every day and regular use.
  4. Silestone comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from.
  5. Silestone is very much resistant to scratches, however, but you should take care and not abuse it.
  6. Silestone is beneficial for your kitchens and bathrooms because it has a built-in antibacterial feature which does not let bacteria grow and reproduce on its surface.
  7. Silestone is stain resistant as well so you do not need to worry about your kitchen countertops that it will get stains. It is resistant to everyday stains such as water, milk, coffee, tea, and juices.
  8. It is a non-porous material so you do not need to worry that spills will seep in the countertop. Also due to its non-porous nature, it does not require sealing every year, unlike granite and marble.
  9. Silestone is a very low maintenance material as it requires no maintenance at all. You just need to clean and wipe it with a mild cleaner and washcloth and you are good to go.

Cons of Silestone Countertops

  1. As all good things come with a price, so does the Silestone countertops. Silestone countertops are very expensive because it is a man-made countertop with the natural mineral derived from the earth.
  2. Silestone countertops are not at all heat resistant like marble and granite. You have to be very careful with your hot pots and pans and remember to place a hot plate before you place your hot pots or pans and never directly as Silestone can get damaged from very high heat and can also get cracked.
  3. Another con of Silestone countertops is that seams show in the countertops. The Silestone countertops are installed and cut in slabs and careful planning is required to minimize the show of seams. However, in places of less length and width, there are more chances of appearance of seams.
  4. Silestone is nit resistant to highly abrasive chemical cleaning products and bleach. You should not clean it with strong chemical cleaners as it will get damaged and get stained.
  5. Make sure to wipe all the spills of food and solvents immediately because if the food or liquid is left on the countertop for a longer period of time, then it will cause the rings or blotches on the surface which may be permanent.
  6. Silestone is not easy to repair and fix. If it gets damaged or chipped or cracked, then you will have to change the whole of the slab rather than just making the repairs.

These were the pros and cons of Silestone countertops. You can now easily decide and get your preferred countertop installed. For more details on its advantages, you can ask your quartz installer durham nc and he will guide you better.

Some important tips one has to understood before hiring tree services

Tree care means the application of methods like pruning, trimming, thinning, felling etc in a scientific and practical manner in environments like backyard, road verge, built in environments, woody vegetation etc.  It is better to avoid DIY policy in tree care activities like tree felling, stump removal, tree removal etc. Such works have to be entrusted to professionals who have great experience and expertise in the matter. Locating good tree services in the neighbourhood is a difficult task. It is more difficult and therefore special care has to be given  when you are planning to carry out tree felling or similar activities.

Landscapes, urban forestry, architecture etc require high standards of tree care. Tree care activities like felling in closed premises poses serious threats to the security of the inhabitants and therefore special care has to be taken under such circumstances.  Tree limbing is not an easy task and therefore rushing has to be avoided at any cost.

Requirements of tree services

A handyman driving around with chainsaw in a pickup van crying out sales pitches is not the man required for such serious works. It should be the first concern to see that the company you are hiring out for carrying out your tree services is protected by valid and adequate insurance coverage. It will be good if you can check that the insurance said to be covered by the company or agency and make sure that they will be valid on the date of the proposed tree services.

Do not engage tree services who are requesting advance payment or who are eager to start work without giving any cost estimate. Work like tree services can be started only after getting a detailed written agreement regarding the work to be carried out and how it is going to be done and how much will be the total cost involved. If tree limbing service is to be done where appearance and preservation are needed,  insist on climbing the tree using ropes or through an aerial lift. Do not allow them to use any spikes or similar methods for climbing on the tree as it can damage the cambium of the tree.

Another thing which has to be taken care of is to ascertain whether the tree services are prepared to face and take appropriate action in case a mishap occurs in between. Similarly tree services engaged in removing the limbs positioned over telephone wires should be knowledgeable and having personals who can splice together the damaged wires. Experienced and skilled tree fellers will be able to control the fall of the limbs without touching the wires or causing any damages or hurts.

Hiring tree company

Before hiring a tree services one should also decide how far the work has to be done by the company? Is it necessary to just limb the tree or do you want the entire tree to be cut and removed. In the latter case one has to decide whether grinding the stump is needed or not or are you ready to remove the stump yourself slowly after the tree service has completed their job and left. if you are under tight budget, these works can cost extra money and this fact also becomes prominent when your decision to hire a tree felling company is taken. The tree felling charges widely vary depending upon the place where it is to be carried out. On an average one can approximately expect anything around $ 1,500 for felling and removing a large tree from the property owned by you. Similarly the typical cost for limbing operation can be anywhere near to $ 500.

Reference by word of mouth

There is nothing wrong in asking something about something which you want to know for sure. Strike conversations with your friends or relatives regarding the good tree services they have come across during the past few years. People who have earlier had the opportunity to come into contact with good tree services will be the best persons to tell their opinion about such services. If you happen to get some good advice in this way do not neglect it. Give to due consideration and subject such tree services chevy chase to the above mentions sc rutiny and this will definitely help one to find the best one among them.